District Partners has successfully completed searches for clients from a wide range of industries, including:
Financial Services
Professional Services/Management Consulting
Public Accounting
Government Contracting
Venture Capital / Private Equity
Family Offices
Digital Media & Ad Tech
Construction & Real Estate
The District Partners Process:

Client Consultation – The first phase step is most critical. We establish a thorough understanding of your business and talent needs and then form a strategy to achieve a successful outcome.

Market Analysis – We canvass the market and identify the best candidates for your position, including, but not limited to our proprietary network of relationships developed from our combined 30+ years of experience.

Candidate Evaluation – After identifying and attracting the desired candidates, we engage in an extensive screening process to understand candidate capabilities and ensure alignment with your requisition.

Decision & Transition Management – We advise clients on the talent marketplace and help determine a competitive offer strategy. Once a mutual agreement is reached, District Partners advises both parties from resignation through the first day of employment.

Process Review – We are always iterating to perfect our craft and further enhance the value we bring to our clients. By auditing the complete recruiting cycle, we learn and adjust as necessary. to best accommodate future engagements. We aren’t one-hit wonders.  We’re in this for a long-term, trusted partnership.