Retained And Executive Search

For your Executive, VP Level, and other key hires – when time, resources, and commitment are critical – turn to District Partners.

Hiring transformational talent is the most important thing you can do to grow your company. Alignment with the right search partner is equally important. We serve as an extension of your talent acquisition team and an advisor to your executive team. We perform in-depth research on your organization and its marketplace so we can effectively source the right talent and skillfully develop awareness and interest of the target candidates. Our retained service fee is invoiced in installments as we achieve agreed-upon milestones. Have you been burned by retainers? Then, choose to work with us on an exclusive basis for a limited period of time and watch us deliver with no cost until hire!

Direct Hire

We’ll provide highly qualified, and skillfully vetted professionals to help you fill your full-time positions and hit your headcount goals.

We act as an agent of your organization to present the opportunity that best represents the organization and the management team. We take the same consultative deep dive approach to helping our clients, and no costs are involved until you decide to hire and our candidate accepts your offer.

Project-Based Consultants

You need specialized expertise for your project or busy season. We will provide you timely access to vetted resources from our proprietary network.

The world has changed. Professionals are seeking more independence and diversity of work. Companies are managing significant capacity constraints, heightened by a labor supply shortage AND an existing employee base who will “vote with their feet” if they feel under-resourced. Leverage our network of professional consultants coupled with our project-based recruiting prowess to help satisfy your immediate project, busy season, and interim needs. We can provide that release valve that your Accounting and Technology teams so desperately need.