For your VP Level hires, when time, resources, and commitment are critical, turn to District Partners.

Hiring transformational talent is the most important thing you can do to grow your company. It stands to reason that partnering with the right retained search firm is equally important. Our goal is to “become you” in the marketplace. In-depth research is performed on the organization and the industry so we can intelligently present the role to potential candidates. Our service fee is partially paid upfront and at a reduced rate for your commitment.


We’ll provide highly qualified vetted professionals to fill full-time positions.

We act as an agent of your organization to present the opportunity that best represents the organization and the management team. We take the same consultative deep dive approach to helping our clients, and no costs are involved until you decide to hire and our candidate accepts your offer.

Project-Based Consultants

You need someone talented for a project, and you need that person now. Let us help you find that ideal consultant for the job.

As more companies move toward a flexible staffing model, the need for consulting services increases. Whether you’re looking for an immediate accounting professional to assist in an interim capacity or are looking to accomplish a time-sensitive project that requires specific skills, District Partners has the industry expertise to assist you.